Hooking with Chenille

Hooking with Chenille
Pattern by Lana Omlor

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

Life in 2011 has been full. As the eve of a new year is upon us the sauerkraut and pigs in the blanket are baking in the oven, the potatoes pared, homemade applesauce and rolls. The Italian Wedding cake I make every year is cooling, ready to be frosted soon. The kids take turns every year doing the backward toss of a silver dollar into the batter before baking. After dinner we all get to choose which piece we would like, no worries about making the cake look messy, just pick your piece. If you get the coin it is to bring good fortune in the coming year. I made this tradition up.  Our father always made sure we were holding a piece of silver when the clock struck midnight on new years, this meant good fortune for us. Now I am asleep way before midnight so we do the cake thing. As my daughter put it, "this is not the party house on new years mom!" That was the response when I told her she was more than welcome to have her friends here to welcome in the new year.
Western Reserve Guild in Cleveland is welcoming me to teach the first week of January. We are hooking one of two patterns of Deanne Fitzpatricks. I am presenting on thursday highlights from my trips to Nova Scotia to Deanne's shop. What a treat it is to go there.
The following week we start up here in Ashland for a new year of open classes. It will be good to highlight everyone's holiday highlights.
Beginning in March I will offer a two Saturday class on Hooking Samplers.  March24  and April 28. from 11am-4pm each SaturdayWe will use a pattern from Nola. I have a brochure printed up if anyone is interested in joining us in Vermilion, Oh at the Chairmaker and Friends Shop on Liberty St. 216-905-2300. Call to sign up by February 15 and order a pattern.
Norwalk, OH in January we will hook a snowman mat at the Senior Center (130 Shady Lane)
Date Saturday, January 21 at 10am. Contact the center if you would like to join us. 419-668-6245.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


...for all your cards and words of encouragement during this difficult time. This past month has been a whirlwind. I am so grateful for the support from the rug hooking community. You have blessed me greatly. The past few weeks caring for my mother was an incredible honor. Laura and I loved her so and will miss her terribly. But nothing can compare with the glory she is now surrounded with. Being in the presence of Christ her Savior cannot come close to any goodness here on earth. So we look forward to the day we are together again.
As our brother would say," I have failed miserably" when it comes to having class. I am looking forward to our retreat in Zoar this coming weekend as well as teaching class in Ashland next week.
Life has been full but God certainly gives us the grace to muddle through. Hope you are all having fun hooking great works and have not run out of wool. Our leaves are almost all down now with all the wind we have been having. if you are not hooking it is probably because you have a rake in hand.
Laura is coming along nicely with her left arm/hand recovery. She even hooked a bit at the Lakeside retreat. She drew a picture of mom holding a pie and began hooking away. Mom was an exellent pie baker. She even talked about baking a few nights before she died. She talked as if she was virtually making them. Claire tried to get her to make a cherry one for her but Grandma informed her she was just too tired to make anymore and would need help finishing up. We had many warm moments those last few days as her speech became weaker with each new day.  Enclosed is the piece i started when Mom was admitted to hospice. I have to admit I did not have the energy to hook many of those days but almost had to force myself. Mom always thought the only way to get the floor clean was to scrub it on your hands and knees so this Deanne Fitzpatrick pattern was a good reflection piece.
I am going to brighten it up with oranges and red brick like floor as that is the color of linoleum we had in our kitchen growing up. I have come to find that this is good therapy, this hooking. Katie

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Well, Laura had her stitches out this past week and now with some therapy we are hoping she will be back to hooking soon. She had her yearly fall down the steps on night a couple of weeks ago. She is now anticipating making treads for her stairs along with the risers.
LKSD is just two weeks away. Zoar will be here before we know it. Get your hooks ready!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Hookers are BACK!

yeah, they are back. This week was the first week of fall class here in Ashland. Wadsworth will be meeting on Thursday night. Mary started and new crewel pattern after having finished the sunflower with colorful blocks for a border this summer. Hildegard is working on a darling cottage rug with posies that is almost complete. Sandy finished all her fruit minus two squares over the summer. She chose a new pumpkin pattern with  acorns (AKA butterflies according to Hildegard) to start next being in the fall mood. Rosemary has a cute little pig for her granddaughter while Joyce is steady on her crewel runner.
Ruth  has ben making starrisers, Rosas doing a Deanne Fitzpatrick house and water scene. Della is enjoying use of her scraps on a sheep with square/triangle/geometic border , kathy is venturing out on portraits and doing a great job. Alice was new this week working on spiral flowers from an urn that was drawn by Lana Omlor, Great new hooker. Julie  feels an appreciation for  brighter colors and smaller cuts now that she has hooked a primitive. See ladies, even when Iam chattering away and going from one project to the next, I still know what you are up to!
Well (Jack and) Jill went up the hill to fetch something she needed. Jack was fine but Jill (AKA Laura) tumbled down the stairs, didn't break her crown, thank you God but broker her left arm, Was plated and pinned in OR last thursday, Agh!!!! She started with Physical Therapy this week, So now she is a one armed chicken feeder and alpaca herder,  So grateful it was not anything worse. But what an inconvenience in life.Looking to God for the lesson in all of this besides not wearing socks down the very smooth wooden stepa in the dark  when you are half awake.
I guess I am not as good at writing as I once thought. My daughter is taking advanced comp English this year as a senior in high school. She asked for guidance on a subject she was asked to write about. So she wrote one paragraph and I wrote one  and we compared them. Although her wording was pretty simplistic she recieved an 11 th grade status according to the computer. I however received an 8th grade ranking even though I used more complicated words, so I guess I really stink at this writing stuff.  I am humbled. The computer said I had too many run on sentences. Yeowsa! So my apologies for all my run on sentences when I blog. Laura is the English major, not me. I am good at bed pans and birthin babies. Anyway now we have a family joke about mother and her writing that I remind her of when she asks me to evaluate one of her papers.
Thank you for all you cards and notes. For all the hugs and love you show me, I apologize for the tears when you ask about our mother She is holding steady at present. Labwork is still very low. She finished her first week of treatment and now goes back to the doctor every other day this week to monitor her white blood count, red count, and platelets and transfuse accordingly. Dad is a role model for what marriage really is. The love and care he gives her is amazing. Believe me they have their moments but who could ask for better parents in this life, God is good, all the time, yes He is.
Getting ready for Lakeside hooking event in October as well as Zoar. I have four more openings for Zoar, OH. Blessings to all of you, laura, the one armed hooker and I thank you for all your prayers.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Life Is Difficult

This has been a whirlwind few days. Our mother was admitted to the hospital on Thursday last week  and has been diagnosed with leukemia. A breast cancer survivor for seven years we have always breathed a sigh of relief with follow ups with the oncologist. God has been good to bless us with seven wonderful years to share with her since then.  This has been very sudden. I pray He reveals to me who He would like me to reach for Him in "such a time as this". Whether it be here in the hospital, at work, or home. Knowing that we serve a soverign God that is in control of it all is comforting.I tell you this because I ask for your patience this fall. There may be times when I need to be with my family and unable to hold class. I plan on making a contact list with classes so we can have a sort of phone chain which will be very helpful should I need to be away. As for now we go forward with treatment for mom that will hopefully get us through the holidays. Our family is very close so this has been a very emotional time. I covet all your prayers. We have two great retreats lined up for this fall. The October Lakeside event is fast approaching. I will be contacting those attending to give you more information on what to bring, etc. Also the Zoar Retreat still has openings for five. Email me or call me if you would like a brochure. kallman@zoominternet.net  419-685-4490.
Classes begin a week from today September 6 in Vermilion at 4pm
Classes in Wadsworth begin Thursday September 15 at 4pm
Classes in Ashland at my home  September 12 and 13  at 10am
  Fondly, Katie

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

This weekend on Sat from 10-12pm we will be meeting at the Norwalk Sr Center to make some beautiful flowers learning to shade in wide cuts. Already have 8 signed up for the class so looking forward to meeting some new people and fellowship with the current students there. Our Lakeside retreat is full however I still have openings in the Zoar OH retreat of Hooking a Village. Email me if you would like a brochure.It is a lovely place to have this event.

Also the Chairmaker and Friends Shop is set to open this weekend (on Liberty St,  Vermilion, OH, across from the library). We will start classes Tues September 6 from 4pm-8pm. Come for as long as you like or stay a short time whatever your schedule allows. Classes are $10 for the evening which covers our facility fee and teaching fee. I will have new wools to add to the current stock there for purchase.Bring your current project or join us for our Patriotic themed class.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lakeside 2011

Just back from an incredibly hot week for our annual summer trip to Lakeside. Had a great time with my brother and sister and all the kids. The boys went kayaking and fishing, girls enjoyed the water and sunbathing with all their friends. Sam and Olivia most likely ate too much candy from Marilyns. I enjoyed some great time hooking on our front porch with Laura. Our brother poked his head out a few times to sweat it out. You would think he would be used to the temperatures being a Floridian but we were grateful for the air conditioning and iced coffees. Glad to be home, unpacked, and the laundry done. Getting ready for the fall hooking season and was able to finish the traditional faded color flag runner for upcoming class. Give me a shout all those who would like to embark on the project and let me know what color scheme you choose so i can come to class prepared for you. kallman@zoominternet.net

Friday, July 8, 2011


HOT OFF THE PRESS. Just in from Canada our patterns for our Lakeside retreat this fall that Deanne Fitzpatrick has custom drawn for us. The retreat is already booked up however I need to take orders for the pattern of your choice. Please notify me by phone or email to reserve your pattern today. mailto:kallman@zoominternet.net of phone 419-685-4490. Katie


I have just a few openings left for our Zoar event this fall. Contact me soon to reserve your spot in this fun filled pictorial class of the historic village of Zoar, OH. Note my interpretation of the rug on the side panel of the blog. You can design your own with a variety of the unique architecture and landscapes within the village. Everyone's will be different which will be part of the fun. This is one of the busiest months for the village with lots of tourists visiting. So call sooner than later so you can have a choice of lodging. The Cider Mill Inn and the School House Inn have both offered rooms at a discount rate. If you desire a hotel atmosphere to rest up there are options in Strasburg and Bolivar. Contact me for more information or a brochure. 419-685-4490.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fall Newsletter for Wadsworth

Kidl’-de-Divey Woolens
Fall 2011 Newsletter
It’s only June but once again it’s time to prepare for fall. I miss you all and hope you are having a great summer thus far. My summer consists of Physical Therapy to strengthen my knees post op, starting a new position as surgical coordinator in OB –same place different duties, Drivers Ed with our 15 ½ yr old (agh!), and college planning with my soon to be senior. I miss her already.
Kingwood was a success again this year. God gave us a beautiful day and held off the rain til the last of the vendors were packed up. Next year, plan on attending June 9 show and hook in there. It will be a week earlier but I had to do that in order to reserve both rooms as we had this year which really helped with traffic flow. I came home with way too many cookies but you chickies ate all my cheese and grapes. Guess I better go healthy next year. Thank you to all who attended and made this day a great one.
Kingwood offers their facility to us at no charge. They were so accommodating this year. The ladies in the plant shop look forward to the hookers. They are great customers. I appreciate you supporting the greenhouse.
Amazing this year we brought in almost $800 for the Ashland Pregnancy Center. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR GENEROSITY!
The theme for Kingwood 2012 is “Autumn”. If you would like to be part of our challenge there are a few kits still available. You can choose any fall themed pattern but you must incorporate the three elements in the kit. Kits are $2 each. There are a limited number of kits available so feel free to email me to let me know that you would like one. kallman@zoominternet.net
As you have read the letter enclosed you can see that our meeting place has changed as well as how often we will be meeting. Please know that I have classes here at my home and you are welcome here in Ashland as well. If you need hooking supplies/wool I have a wide variety of items here in my studio. I am open by appointment other than my class time.
If you are not able to make the trek to Ashland and need something special call me before class so I can bring it with me to Wadsworth.
SEPTEMBER-DECEMBER We will have open hooking this fall at the library. I am offering a class to anyone that may be interested. It seems we usually do something for Halloween or Christmas so I thought we could be “Different” and reflect on Veterans Day this year. No matter what our choice of political party we have so much to be thankful for. So I thought we would do a patriotic class. We will have a small lecture on flags of the past and you can decide what design you would like to do on your piece of linen. I thought I would do mine in an unconventional monochromatic and finish it off Polly Minick style. See enclosed pix. I will have reds/whites/blues/ and the monochromatic wools for you to choose from. You choose the style and the size.
Price includes serged edge linen and instruction/assistance drawing pattern choice $25.00
You can bring your own wools or purchase from the stash I bring to class.
As I mentioned this project is optional but I need to know in advance so I bring enough supplies with me. Call or email today to order yours. If you desire you can bring your current project to hook on if you do not wish to do the patriotic piece.

MARCH-JUNE Spring time brings “Samplers”. You will have choice of pattern (2) from Nola Heidbreder. I will be bringing to the library so I can take orders.

The annual Lakeside, OH retreat (Oct 7-9, 2011) at Jacquie’s house is now filled. I think that took all of 2-3 days. Let me know if anyone is interested in being on the waiting list. I have enclosed the info just in case we have a cancellation.
The Zoar Hooking a Village still has a few openings. It is Oct 21-22 in Zoar, OH. It is to be a great class on pictorials. Lots of door prizes and of course good eats and fellowship.
As Gary has moved to Vermilion, OH I will be teaching there and have wool for sale. The second and fourth Tuesday of each month we will meet from 4p-8p. It is a long way away for most of you but just thought I would let you know. The Chair maker shop is on Liberty Street. Perhaps you could stop in when you attend the wooly bear festival this coming fall. I have never been but sounds like a road trip to me if the price of gas continues to fall. Hahahha. Have a great summer and see you in September at our new location the Wadsworth Public Library. Be sure to stop for coffee at Ann’s bakery on the way. My daughter, Claire says she has great ├ęclairs.  We stopped in and I treated her to one and she only gave me two bites. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Thank you to all of you that made Kingwood a success again this year. We had 115 individuals that signed our registry. In addition we had many walk ins from the community. God gave us a beautiful day and held off the rain until the last vendor truckload was loaded up. Thank you to all that helped me including Stacie Sidle, Becky Bair, Rhonda Thomas, Karen Neiderhiser, Julie Butler, Connie and Norman Bradley, Linda Powell, and my wonderful sister, Laura. I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you Sue, aka Soki for making the marvelous oatmeal cookies, and Laura the macadamia nut cookie bars. They both received rave reviews,
Laura Pauluch was the winner of the $100 wool gift bag for the "first" rug.
Thank you to all the vendors as well.
Great news the Ashland Crisis Pregnancy Center will receive a donation of almost $800 on behalf of all you hookers that entertained yourselves with the silent auction items. Your donations will be well recieved i am sure.

Looking forward we have our retreat at Zoar Village Oct 21 and 22, 2011. Email me to get a brochure.                                         kallman@zoominternet.net

hooking classes to begin in Ashland, Wadsworth, Norwalk, and Vermillion in September. Stay tuned for dates and times as well as projects.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"Baby Shower" This Weekend!

Don't forget the Kingwood Center-North Central Ohio Rug Show and Hook in, Mansfield, OH on June 18. It starts at 10am sharp. A fun filled day with vendors Heavens to Betsy, Wool Yankers, Crows on a Ledge, The Village Rim Yarns. Larry Ault plans to attend to show off his new cutter. Bring a sack lunch and a project or two to work on.   We'll have lots of fun, some goodies, and an auction to benefit the Ashland Crisis Pregnancy Center. The show and hook in are free but there is a charge of $5/carload at the gate.   Load up your hooker friends and see you there!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


October 7-9, 2011
We have ten spots for our second annual retreat at Jacquie Lee's cottage in Lakeside, OH. This year our theme Fiber Workshop. Deanne Fitzpatrick from Nova Scotia has designed two different custom patterns for us. They are in the mail as we speak so as soon as they arrive I will post. You can choose which one you would like to do. Jacquie has so graciously offered her cottage to us for this event as she did last year.  Bring own scraps of wool and noodles, wool will also be available for sale. Cost to include a nominal fee for light breakfasts Sat and Sun and pattern/teaching fee. Patterns will be on linen. We will be concentrating on incorporating different fibers into your hooked piece.
Lunch and Dinner on your own in Lakeside or there are surrounding restaurants you can choose from. It is a wonderful time to enjoy the peaceful lake and hook with friends.  Stay tuned for more info to follow with pix of the patterns. Katie

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Summer Farewell in Seville

A sad goodbye to my friends in Seville this past Thursday as we break for the warm summer months filled with gardening, reunions, and family vacations. Rug hooking for many takes a backseat during the warmer months. Can't say the same for myself as the wheels in my head always seem to be spinning planning our next group project or event.
Enclosed are pix from our Thursday night works. We made artist trading cards and many hope to have them done in time for the Kingwood Show June 18 this year and ready for trading. Each designed their own cards so they are all one of a kind.
 In the works, Jacquie has offered her cottage at Lakeside, OH for another fall weekend getaway. Last year we had such a good time painting wool and learning about dyeing wool. Not to metion the great fellowship of just being together. This year we will work on patterns by Deanne Fitzpatrick.She has agreed to design one especially for us to incorporate a fall theme. Her blog and website are just delightful and I hope you can capture a moment out of your busy days to log on. I find myself rested after reading her words, Not only does she have a gift for her hooking artistry but she has a gift for words. We are working on dates so stay tuned for Lakeside. This is a very reasonable getaway and peaceful since the vacationers for the most part have left the village.
Also I have completed the rug for Zoar Retreat  scheduled for Oct 21 and 22, 2011. I chose buildings for my piece as you will choose for yours. Each rug will be individually drawn to suit and we will concentrate on pictorals and color. Email me or blog me for info if you would like to attend. Class is limited to 20 so sign up soon.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spring Retreat

Had a wonderful time at Cherry Valley Lodge in Newark, OH at our Buckeye State Guild Retreat. My teacher Donna Hrkman did a marvelous job teaching us and offering encouragement on our work. Laura and I both worked on our McGown workshop patterns that she has to show and tell and I have to teach in March. Laura's dog a Mt Bernese is lovely. I am composing a bird rug called Birds of a Feather from Fritz Mitnik. Thought I would make some of my birds the uncommon ones that don't get much attention so I made a Nuthatch, a Robin, BlueJay, Red winged Blackbird and a Cardinal. Have ripped that cardinal out twice now. Wanted to do a mama one as it seems everyone makes the beautiful red male but have sweated over that enough and will now succum to the male. Sometimes we stress too much and just need to hook it. Have been studying bird books, have a new feeder at the dining room window that we like to watch during the dinner hour. Amazing how intricate God made these creatures. Wonderful to hear them sing praises to their creator every day.
Had my last class this am with the Tues morning girls. I will miss everyone all summer but it also is an opportunity to get ready for the fall projects. Everyone needs catch up time but I will miss the fellowship that these ladies offer.
Stay tuned for some news in the coming week for Fall Classes in new locations. Great things happening.
Mark your calendars for Kingwood Center June 18.......10am-4pm Great vendors and rug show. We have expanded to two rooms at the center so all are welcome to this great event. Please be sure to bring your first rug or piece that you hooked. Peer Judging for $100 gift basket of wools and sundries. Auction of hooking items. Proceeds from auction to go to our charity this year- Ashland Pregnancy Center. Items welcome for the auction- perhaps you have a pattern that you will never finish or wool that you aren't in need of that will go for a good cause. Thank you in advance for your support. Katie and Laura

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Off and Running Again.....

....Or somewhat walking very slowly let's say. Had a great hook in this past week at home and look forward to getting back to Seville hooking on the 26th of May. Lots of pix to share of great hooked projects. Off to Cherry Valley Lodge this weekend for the state guild meeting. This year our teachers are Pris Butler and Donna Hrkmann. So much to do so little energy yet but it's coming. Finished the piece for Zoar Village in the fall for the retreat and the brochures are soon to be off to the printer so if anyone is interested let me know and I will mail you a flyer. Katie

Thursday, May 12, 2011

House Arrest

That is what our mother calls it when our father has deemed it necessary to keep mother under watchful eye at home. That is what has happened to me unfortunately. It is hard for me to be still but "for such a time as this" (as Esther in the Bible told us), I must relenquish my wings and stay put. In the past month I have had two knee surgeries to clean out the nasty guy "Arthur (itits)". The last one went very well but since then have had some cardiac issues that have incurred more doctor's visits than I have had in years. Perhaps something with anesthesia triggered it all OR perhaps  this is a time when my heavenly Father has put His loving foot down and made me stop and rest. It has been a frustrating venture to say the least. I completed my Bea Brock rug called Jessica's garden. even whipped it. Almost done with the giraffe bust that I started beginning of April with Sybil Osicka at Punderson/Ohio Rug Camp. Let's see, Oh and I am almost complete with the village rug for Zoar, OH. I am planning a hook in retreat there Oct 21 and 22 this year. It is a class on pictorals. Laura and I will be transferring  builings within the village onto linen canvas so everyone can create their own individual piece. We shall stay at one of the many B&B's overnight and complete our class late afternoon on Saturday. It will be a lovely time I am sure. I am getting brochures ready as we speak.
 Sisters are great aren't they? Laura came up on Tuesday to help me teach class here at home and take me to the doctor, and all those household chores that are put aside when you are unable to be up and about. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful sister to share this life and the next with. Her daughters were most helpful too as I try to prepare for our State Buckeye Guild Meeting next week at Cherry Valley Lodge and Kingwood show in June. Mimi, Laura's daughter, was even kind to throw me a banana before they left yesterday saying, "just eat it Aunt Katie, don't squish it." Cardiologist told me to increase my sodium and postassium so I have been eating alot of bananas. Came home from the doctor yesterday, my husband had come home at lunch and placed two bags of potato chips on our bed pillows. I guess it is the new "chocolates on your pillow"idea. He is a good man that is certain. Going to finish something today, not sure which hooking project but for such a time as this I am layed up and grateful for the God given talent of rug hooking. SO  I shall lay here and create something wonderful.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


With all the spring showers, we should have lots of pretty flowers...if the spring showers would just stop for a day!  Not complaining here...would love to just see the sun!
I'm tattling...Katie's birthday was May 2, but she didn't want anyone to know.  You can rib  her for me if you would like.  Today she's back in Akron having surgery on the other knee, so if you'd like to cheer her up with a card or call later in the week, that would be nice.  She will be mad at me for blabbing, but that's ok, that's what big sisters do!
Have a great day.  If you see the sun, please send it to Ludlow Falls :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Great to be home after a fun filled week in the great state of Iowa. Met up with some old friends and made many new. I hooked snow and gray scale fruit piece, a sheep with wool quilling, and propped up my swollen leg after the wear and tear of travel. Maddie, my niece, was my nurse and brought me fresh ice bags each evening. (Had arthroscopic surgery to clean out the arthritis a week prior to flying out) Going to have the other one done in May and i will be as good as new, I hope. Flying is not as fun as it used to be. We were stuck in Milwaukee of all places for 9 hours until we could get a flight to OH. Twas a long day, so grateful for home.  Had a wonderful Easter celebrating our Savior's resurrection. Our parents were here along with sisters family. The only thing missing was our wild brother in Tampa. Grandpa still got the chocolate rabbit ears fromt the kid's baskets as he has since we were little. As kids we used to make a fuss but now the grandkids just hand over the rabbit for his biting fancy and deal with it.
Stacking up hooking projects to complete during knee recovery while my sister is busy in her flooded gardens.
Attended Punderson Rug Camp the first week of April and studied under Sybil Osika, not my first adventure with her and not my last. She drew a giraffe for me and a flower garden that I am still working on. Great camp and teachers, Cynthia Norwood runs the camp and already has the line up for next year so check it out.
Don't forget the Kingwood Center-North Central Ohio Rug Show and Hook in, Mansfield, OH on June 18. It starts at 10am sharp. A fun filled day with vendors Heavens to Betsy, Wool Yankers, Crows on a Ledge, The Village Rim Yarns. Larry Ault plans to attend to show off his new cutter. Contact me if you would like more info. The show and hook in are free but there is a charge of $5/carload at the gate.

Back from Iowa!

Had a great time in Iowa with kids in tow as we went to our McGown Teacher's Workshop.  It was cool and rainy, but had lots of fun hooking and learning new things.  Since Katie is certified, she's considered a Senior (ha ha, finally deemed older than me for once!) so she was able to take some fun classes. She also taught a kilim rug that turned out great.  I am a Junior student, so I did a fine cut piece called Birches and another piece called Fruit.  It was out of my normal comfort zone doing fine cut, but I really liked it once I got started.  You can use a lot of your scraps to those pieces.  We also had a dyeing class with Cammie Bruce and it was exciting to see those pieces come out of the microwave and crockpots.  We did some marbelizing and dip dyeing.  I would encourage you to consider getting your McGown certification even if you don't ever want to teach.  It's amazing what we can learn from others!

The weather is not cooperating here in Ohio for my garden which looks like a flood zone.  My purple asparagus are under water and the leeks have washed away.  But the blueberry bushes are blooming as are the fruit trees.  I am looking forward to getting my other plants out into the raised beds out in my mini ocean!

Out next hooking adventure will be at Cherry Valley Lodge for the Buckeye Rug Hooking Guild spring meeting the weekend of May 20-22.  Maybe we'll see you there. 

Enjoy your hooking time when the rains keep you from weeding the flower beds! 

PS...Katie's got all the pictures on her phone from Iowa so I'll let her post those

Friday, March 18, 2011

Current Projects

The windows are open today and I can smell Spring in the air. AHHHHH! Going to paint my kitchen soon and in thinking about my new colors I hooked this large area rug to go under my pub table. What is a table without a runner.... So I pulled this new pattern from my shelf and decided to hook it in a #4 cut and textures/ spot dyes. I chose colors to reflect the waverly print fabric that I will be making some window dressings, some simple design. I am not the seamstress that sister Laura is, so it must be simple!
Upcoming camps....Punderson with Sybil. I am sure she has created something neat to hook in a #3. I also asked her for a giraffe face/neck pillow size. She is great with animals as well as fine cuts so I am hoping to store up some of her wisdom in this dusty brain of mine. Always love to learn new things.
We all have our favorite cuts and pattern styles. However I feel it is important to go out of our box and try a new cut or technique that can only make us better fiber artists. I will also be teaching in Iowa at Teachers Workshop in April. A Kilim. Certainly not a favorite style-oriental. However a good class for me to teach. I tried to do a class in Seville this past January on Kilims but they all stuck their noses up at the idea so we did a primitive snowman instead. Maybe next year. Perhaps an artist trading card size so the pain will be brief for them. hahaha
May brings our state guild meeting and workshop at the Cherry Valley Lodge in Newark, OH. Donna Hrkman and Pris Butler will be teaching great classes. A great fun filled weekend!
Don't forget to mark your calendars for Kingwood Center in the summer. June 18, 2011. Great hook in/rug show and shopping. Plus it is free less the parking fee at the gate. Don't miss it! Katie

Hooking in Ashland

I have included some pictures from our Monday night group. They have been very busy enjoying cabin fever getting lots of hooking done. Bless Ruth. She comes from Mt Vernon and has had a heavy load to bear as of late with the loss of her husband and a broken shoulder to boot. She is struggling with hooking during her recovery so she has been keeping her hands busy with crochet therapy. Some of the other Mt Vernon gang were able to make it this past week after digging out of all their snow, great to have them back!
Kathy is busily working on her fruit square rug, a House of Price pattern for her kitchen while Sandra works her #3 cut on a cats paw. We have tried to sway her to trying larger cuts however she is very content to continue with the "little stuff".
Check out the wallpaper background on the back of Stacie's pillow. I first learned this technique from Dianne Kelly when I made a basket of flowers pillow and it made the piece look antiqued. Great way of using up left over pieces of wool when you may not have enough of one color to complete a background.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Meeting On the Path, a pattern designed by Deanne Fitzpatrick

Well I finished it today. Now all I have to do is whip the edges. Had to personalize the pattern a bit to include "the dinner bell"- mom used it to call us for supper if we were out and about. and the bird feeder. The parendts enjoy watching and feeding the birds. Not to mention the burning bushes which are a joke with the parents. I mowed their new burning bush over when I was a little girl. I thought it was a stick in the grass but in reality it was a new planting that was desperate for water, sorry Dad.
If anyone has ever had the pleasant experience of hooking with Deanne Fitzpatrick then you know what a blessing it is to you. I purchased this pattern from her to make for our parents for their anniversary this year. keeping with Deanne's style of hooking I just started this Mon night and hope to be done with it this week. I love hooking this style. What a great way of using up all your noodles. It is a satisfying feeling to look at your noodle baskets from rugs gone by and see that the supply is dwindling. Sometimes we get so overwhelmed by the growing heaps of noodles. We tell ourselves that SOON we will do a scrappy rug and get rid of some of them. That day never seems to come around as we find yet another cool pattern to dive into.
I have had the honor of hooking with Deanne at her studio in Amherst, Nova Scotia twice now. A relaxing experience to say the least! Laura and I went together this last time so it made it all the better.I love to hook with my sister! She has lived so far away for so many years that I am thrilled that she is back in OH to hook and sip coffee. We also took a group from the Lorain County Hookcrafters there and stayed in an old railroad cottage close to the water. Be sure to check our Deanne's blog and website. I can hear her voice reading to us in class as I read her "diary" on her blog. She is a kindred spirit that I hope to hook with again soon.
So back to hooking on  yet another blustery day-the third snow day this week for the kids. We may be going to school in June this year. Hook on, Katie

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New rugs in the works....

The basket of cats pattern is drawn by Laura. I have two Persian cats and I hooked this rug with them in mind. Louie is the sophisticated flame point while Odo is the ornary orange tabby. Their faces reflect their personalities for sure. When I finished this rug it needed something more so I decided to incorporate the colors from the rug and make a bright hit miss sqaure that framed it well I think and really made the rug come to life. Amazing what a border can do for your piece.

The Crewel is one of Katie's favorite to do and we named this after our grandmother Dorothy. The background is a primiary fusion spot dye that gives all the bright flowers personality I think. Hope you enjoy two of Katie's latest adverntures.



Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Blog

So excited that my sister made this blog for me that I can share all the wonders of rug hooking with you. We are just getting started. To follow are our whimsical patterns that we will list and upcoming classes.

Current Class Schedule
I teach in my home on a consistent schedule but due to work and hooking camps, family I sometimes have to alter things a bit so I will list dates for you (usually the first and third Monday of each month 10am-1pm/6pm-9pm and the second and fourth Tuesday 10am-1pm)

Ashland, OH
February 21(Monday) 10am-1pm and 6pm-9pm
February 22(Tuesday) 10am-1pm

March 7 and 21 (Monday) 10am-1pm and 6pm-9pm
March 8 and 22 (Tuesday) 10am-1pm

April 11 and 25 (Monday) 10am-1pm and 6pm-9pm
April 12 and 26 (Tuesday) 10am-1pm

May 2 and 16 (Monday) 10am-1pm and 6pm-9pm
May 10 and 24 (Tuesday) 10am-1pm

Seville, OH (The ChairMaker and Friends) 30 Center St Seville, OH
This is a quaint primitive shop, must stop by. I have a nice array of woolens, patterns and supplies for sale at the shop. Check out their website by the same name.

Teaching Schedule
February 17
March 3 and 17
April 7 and 14
May 5 and 26

For more information on classes call 419-685-4490
email kallman@zoominternet.net
Consistently these classes are held the first and third Thursday of each month 530pm-830pm

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The show is free, PARKING $5/CAR, AT THE GATE
OF KIDL’-DE-DIVEY WOOLENS 419-685-4490/kallman@zoominternet.net

March 2014 Western Reserve Rug Hooers

March 2014 Western Reserve Rug Hooers
Carpet Bag Project Side 1

Western Reserve Project March 2014

Western Reserve Project March 2014
Side two

Sampler Class

Sampler Class
Choice 2 (center Square of pattern only)

Sampler Class

Sampler Class
Choice 1


sampler class Choice 2


sampler class Choice 1

Hooking a VIllage (Sample)

Hooking a VIllage (Sample)
Zoar Retreat October 21 and 22, 2011


January 21, 2012

Patriotic Class Sample-Fall 2011

Patriotic Class Sample-Fall 2011
In faded traditional colors

Patriotic Class SAMPLE for September/Vermilion AND Wadsworth Library

Patriotic Class SAMPLE for  September/Vermilion AND Wadsworth Library
Beginning September 15 (Rug size 31x43)