Hooking with Chenille

Hooking with Chenille
Pattern by Lana Omlor

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


October 7-9, 2011
We have ten spots for our second annual retreat at Jacquie Lee's cottage in Lakeside, OH. This year our theme Fiber Workshop. Deanne Fitzpatrick from Nova Scotia has designed two different custom patterns for us. They are in the mail as we speak so as soon as they arrive I will post. You can choose which one you would like to do. Jacquie has so graciously offered her cottage to us for this event as she did last year.  Bring own scraps of wool and noodles, wool will also be available for sale. Cost to include a nominal fee for light breakfasts Sat and Sun and pattern/teaching fee. Patterns will be on linen. We will be concentrating on incorporating different fibers into your hooked piece.
Lunch and Dinner on your own in Lakeside or there are surrounding restaurants you can choose from. It is a wonderful time to enjoy the peaceful lake and hook with friends.  Stay tuned for more info to follow with pix of the patterns. Katie

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Summer Farewell in Seville

A sad goodbye to my friends in Seville this past Thursday as we break for the warm summer months filled with gardening, reunions, and family vacations. Rug hooking for many takes a backseat during the warmer months. Can't say the same for myself as the wheels in my head always seem to be spinning planning our next group project or event.
Enclosed are pix from our Thursday night works. We made artist trading cards and many hope to have them done in time for the Kingwood Show June 18 this year and ready for trading. Each designed their own cards so they are all one of a kind.
 In the works, Jacquie has offered her cottage at Lakeside, OH for another fall weekend getaway. Last year we had such a good time painting wool and learning about dyeing wool. Not to metion the great fellowship of just being together. This year we will work on patterns by Deanne Fitzpatrick.She has agreed to design one especially for us to incorporate a fall theme. Her blog and website are just delightful and I hope you can capture a moment out of your busy days to log on. I find myself rested after reading her words, Not only does she have a gift for her hooking artistry but she has a gift for words. We are working on dates so stay tuned for Lakeside. This is a very reasonable getaway and peaceful since the vacationers for the most part have left the village.
Also I have completed the rug for Zoar Retreat  scheduled for Oct 21 and 22, 2011. I chose buildings for my piece as you will choose for yours. Each rug will be individually drawn to suit and we will concentrate on pictorals and color. Email me or blog me for info if you would like to attend. Class is limited to 20 so sign up soon.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spring Retreat

Had a wonderful time at Cherry Valley Lodge in Newark, OH at our Buckeye State Guild Retreat. My teacher Donna Hrkman did a marvelous job teaching us and offering encouragement on our work. Laura and I both worked on our McGown workshop patterns that she has to show and tell and I have to teach in March. Laura's dog a Mt Bernese is lovely. I am composing a bird rug called Birds of a Feather from Fritz Mitnik. Thought I would make some of my birds the uncommon ones that don't get much attention so I made a Nuthatch, a Robin, BlueJay, Red winged Blackbird and a Cardinal. Have ripped that cardinal out twice now. Wanted to do a mama one as it seems everyone makes the beautiful red male but have sweated over that enough and will now succum to the male. Sometimes we stress too much and just need to hook it. Have been studying bird books, have a new feeder at the dining room window that we like to watch during the dinner hour. Amazing how intricate God made these creatures. Wonderful to hear them sing praises to their creator every day.
Had my last class this am with the Tues morning girls. I will miss everyone all summer but it also is an opportunity to get ready for the fall projects. Everyone needs catch up time but I will miss the fellowship that these ladies offer.
Stay tuned for some news in the coming week for Fall Classes in new locations. Great things happening.
Mark your calendars for Kingwood Center June 18.......10am-4pm Great vendors and rug show. We have expanded to two rooms at the center so all are welcome to this great event. Please be sure to bring your first rug or piece that you hooked. Peer Judging for $100 gift basket of wools and sundries. Auction of hooking items. Proceeds from auction to go to our charity this year- Ashland Pregnancy Center. Items welcome for the auction- perhaps you have a pattern that you will never finish or wool that you aren't in need of that will go for a good cause. Thank you in advance for your support. Katie and Laura

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Off and Running Again.....

....Or somewhat walking very slowly let's say. Had a great hook in this past week at home and look forward to getting back to Seville hooking on the 26th of May. Lots of pix to share of great hooked projects. Off to Cherry Valley Lodge this weekend for the state guild meeting. This year our teachers are Pris Butler and Donna Hrkmann. So much to do so little energy yet but it's coming. Finished the piece for Zoar Village in the fall for the retreat and the brochures are soon to be off to the printer so if anyone is interested let me know and I will mail you a flyer. Katie

Thursday, May 12, 2011

House Arrest

That is what our mother calls it when our father has deemed it necessary to keep mother under watchful eye at home. That is what has happened to me unfortunately. It is hard for me to be still but "for such a time as this" (as Esther in the Bible told us), I must relenquish my wings and stay put. In the past month I have had two knee surgeries to clean out the nasty guy "Arthur (itits)". The last one went very well but since then have had some cardiac issues that have incurred more doctor's visits than I have had in years. Perhaps something with anesthesia triggered it all OR perhaps  this is a time when my heavenly Father has put His loving foot down and made me stop and rest. It has been a frustrating venture to say the least. I completed my Bea Brock rug called Jessica's garden. even whipped it. Almost done with the giraffe bust that I started beginning of April with Sybil Osicka at Punderson/Ohio Rug Camp. Let's see, Oh and I am almost complete with the village rug for Zoar, OH. I am planning a hook in retreat there Oct 21 and 22 this year. It is a class on pictorals. Laura and I will be transferring  builings within the village onto linen canvas so everyone can create their own individual piece. We shall stay at one of the many B&B's overnight and complete our class late afternoon on Saturday. It will be a lovely time I am sure. I am getting brochures ready as we speak.
 Sisters are great aren't they? Laura came up on Tuesday to help me teach class here at home and take me to the doctor, and all those household chores that are put aside when you are unable to be up and about. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful sister to share this life and the next with. Her daughters were most helpful too as I try to prepare for our State Buckeye Guild Meeting next week at Cherry Valley Lodge and Kingwood show in June. Mimi, Laura's daughter, was even kind to throw me a banana before they left yesterday saying, "just eat it Aunt Katie, don't squish it." Cardiologist told me to increase my sodium and postassium so I have been eating alot of bananas. Came home from the doctor yesterday, my husband had come home at lunch and placed two bags of potato chips on our bed pillows. I guess it is the new "chocolates on your pillow"idea. He is a good man that is certain. Going to finish something today, not sure which hooking project but for such a time as this I am layed up and grateful for the God given talent of rug hooking. SO  I shall lay here and create something wonderful.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


With all the spring showers, we should have lots of pretty flowers...if the spring showers would just stop for a day!  Not complaining here...would love to just see the sun!
I'm tattling...Katie's birthday was May 2, but she didn't want anyone to know.  You can rib  her for me if you would like.  Today she's back in Akron having surgery on the other knee, so if you'd like to cheer her up with a card or call later in the week, that would be nice.  She will be mad at me for blabbing, but that's ok, that's what big sisters do!
Have a great day.  If you see the sun, please send it to Ludlow Falls :)

March 2014 Western Reserve Rug Hooers

March 2014 Western Reserve Rug Hooers
Carpet Bag Project Side 1

Western Reserve Project March 2014

Western Reserve Project March 2014
Side two

Sampler Class

Sampler Class
Choice 2 (center Square of pattern only)

Sampler Class

Sampler Class
Choice 1


sampler class Choice 2


sampler class Choice 1

Hooking a VIllage (Sample)

Hooking a VIllage (Sample)
Zoar Retreat October 21 and 22, 2011


January 21, 2012

Patriotic Class Sample-Fall 2011

Patriotic Class Sample-Fall 2011
In faded traditional colors

Patriotic Class SAMPLE for September/Vermilion AND Wadsworth Library

Patriotic Class SAMPLE for  September/Vermilion AND Wadsworth Library
Beginning September 15 (Rug size 31x43)